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Ceramic Sample Kits

Ceramic Sample Kits

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Looking for the perfect sample kit to see the Fable quality or envision our pieces in your space -- look no further. We have 4 options for our sample kits for you to find the perfect size and color. Choose between plates or bowls in neutral colours or core colours.

Plate Sample Kit Includes 1 of each size:

  • Dinner Plate, 10.75 in.
  • Salad Plate, 8.75 in.
  • Dessert Plate, 6.5 in. 
  • Little Plate, 4 in.

Bowl Sample Kit Includes 1 of each size:

  • Pasta Bowl, 8.5 in., 26 oz.
  • Breakfast Bowl, 6.5 in., 20 oz.
  • Dessert Bowl, 5 in., 11.5 oz.
  • Little Bowl, 3.5 in., 4 oz.

Neutral Colours include: Speckled White, Cloud White, Desert Taupe

Core Colours Include: Midnight Blue, Stone Blue, Beachgrass Green, Dove Grey

Stoneware contains natural flecks that come to the surface during firing and may show through lighter glazes. Slight variations may occur.
Limit 2 sample kits per customer
Product color may vary by product size
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